Juggling Career and Passion: Best Decision Ever!

Managing a 9-5 job is already demanding as it is. Running a business—no, make that two—on the side is something else.

Thirty-year-old Pia Suiza doesn’t mind though. As the Content Manager of brideandbreakfast.ph, she enjoys the creative nature of her job.

Simply put, she makes sure everything that goes live is publish-worthy. She and her team pick the weddings to feature, and work on advertiser-sponsored posts as well.

Her love for writing articles stems from her impulse to create, something she already knew from a very young age.

“When I was young, I didn’t play with dolls,” Pia reminisces. “I played with hammers, nails, and wood and would always feel fulfilled when I was able to create something,”

On a trip to Thailand, she attended a workshop on decoupage or the craft of embellishing objects with paper cut-outs and special painting techniques. She instantly fell in love – and made it the basis of a business venture.

Learning from Trial and Error

In 2014, P.S. Crafts with Soul was born—unintentionally, as Pia describes it. “It was a now-or-never decision,” she explains. “I just really wanted to do crafts, whether or not I will sell.”

The struggle was real at first, but she took every trial and error as a learning experience. While decoupage is not widely known in the country, the crafter continues to experiment with materials, producing pretty yet functional handmade best-sellers such as home trays, clip frames, and deco wallets.

When starting out, she only designed wooden items. Now, Pia applies the technique to woven products. Glass items are next on her to-do list.

However, she hasn’t let go of her love for wood. In 2017, she opened Woodstuff PH—a custom carpentry venture supporting small to medium projects by not requiring a minimum order.

Netflix-and-chill Saturdays are put aside to design boxes, shelves, and display modules in her workshop, aside from attending to customer inquiries and managing her staff’s weekly schedule. Still, she finds time to serve in church and unwind with her family and fiancé.

Career or Passion – Why Not Both?

Pia considers herself lucky to not have to choose between career or passion, as she finds each encourages the other. This lets her pursue both with the same level of enthusiasm.

“I have stability from my employment, so I don’t get scared in trying something new in my businesses,” she says. “It gives me headspace to be more creative.”

From selling at bazaars, joining Common Room PH in 2015 allowed her to get her products out there. Now with three branches including Alabang Town Center, the store dedicated to local artisans has given her a venue to keep doing what gives meaning to her life.

Having a creative channel translates into better performance at work, too, as she is able to produce content that inspires would-be brides to fulfill their dream wedding.

“Find out what works for you – be authentic,” she advises when asked how to make it work at a young age. “Always find balance. Listen to yourself: what does your mind, body, and soul need? It’s not all about money, and it’s not all about passion either.

“There’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle—go after it.”

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