How to Bring Hygge into Your Home

Is the gloomy weather getting you down this rainy season? If being cooped up indoors is giving you the blues, then it might be time to introduce hygge into your home.

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish concept that encompasses coziness and contentment, a way for Danes to cope with their long winters. And it looks like they’re on to something: Despite having very dreary winters that can affect anyone’s mood, the Danes still top global happiness surveys every year.

Hygge isn’t about having Scandinavian furniture pieces or a Pinterest-worthy home in a neutral color palette. You can work with what you already have to create the right atmosphere. While hygge is not a design philosophy, you can still introduce it into your home by making a few decor tweaks:

In the living area: Create a spot where you can indulge in your greatest–or simplest–pleasures. Maybe it’s a cushy sofa where you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, a comfy chair where you can curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee, or a table where you can craft to your heart’s content.

In the dining area: Sure, you can light some candles as you enjoy your dinner but the most hygge thing you can do is to invite friends over. Don’t worry about making your dinner table look Instagrammable. The feeling of togetherness and comfort, the act of sharing a hearty meal and good conversations with the people who are dear to you–these are at the heart of hygge.

In the bedroom: Turn your personal space into a cocoon. Heavy knits and soft furs keep the Danes warm through freezing temps, but for our moderately chilly weather, layered blankets, a quilt, or comforter are enough to make you feel warm and snug.

In the bathroom: Devote some time to self-care. Search for “hygge” on Pinterest, and you’re bound to come up with plenty of serene bathtub photos with a tray of bath salts and oils. Most Filipino homes don’t come with a bathtub but you can still evoke that feeling of pampering and relaxation: Stock up on soaps and scrubs in your favorite scents (lavender is known to be soothing) and have a shower ritual to help you unwind. Tone down some of the visual noise in your bathroom by removing labels from all your bath products or transferring them to sleek containers.

Everywhere else: Surround yourself with objects that bring you joy. Blankets and candles may provide literal warmth but things that hold a special meaning can make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Have a photo wall where you can hang framed pictures of your favorite memories, keep a jar of your favorite childhood snack on the kitchen counter, and display travel mementos on shelves.

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